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MDirect why?

We do only one thing, Automotive Direct Mail, and we do it very well.

Our marketing strategies and wide range of products have helped auto dealers maintain success throughout good times and bad.  We know how important quick turn-a-round, high quality and low prices are to our clients and at MDirect you get all three and MORE.

We make Direct Mail Easy for you.


So give us a call today and

Get to know us.
You'll be glad you did.


Direct Mail why?
Direct Mail is tried-and-true and yet still one of the most effective marketing strategies for auto dealers to increase sales and build market share. It is the ONE venue that makes sure your offer WILL be received.

Direct Mail is something that you can touch, feel and hold on to. It is trustworthy, personal and intimate.

We live in a world of hyper-abundant content.  Information overload!  Each day people surf through 100's of TV channels, tune through a dial full of radio stations, and read pages and pages of internet sites.  BUT, they have only
1 mailbox..... and they check it every day.

Direct Mail breaks through the advertising clutter to deliver an effective and memorable offer.  It goes straight to your customer on THEIR terms

        If they get mail,
            they WILL get your message.
----------Fa__, Afforable, easy------

Direct Mail is "Old School"?  NO WAY!  It's still most people's preferred channel to receive information.

    source:  Epsilon Targeting survey 2011 channel preference study


"We're here to help you, not sell you."

Michelle Brucchieri
Managing Partner / Co-Founder

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